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The Group’s philosophy, is to ensure the highest level of flying standards and training, in order primarily to be safe, and to maintain the asset for all to enjoy.

New Members who have not flown the type, undergo Cirrus Training, with an instructor who is a Cirrus Standardised Instructor (CSIP). There are no set hours for this, but it is unlikely that it would be completed in less than 5. Note that this is not the Cirrus Transition Training, which a member may also elect to do.

There are several CSIP Instructors, but our Group mostly engage the services of Simon Coombs whose details are below.

Flying Standards and Training

Simon Coombs

Mobile: +44(0)7942790369
Email: gspin63@hotmail.com

UK Based FAA / EASA Instructor & EASA PPL Examiner who is willing to travel to you.
Specialist in Cirrus Transition Training and Instrument Ratings.

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